Tried and tested: DAB car stereo with Bluetooth from Halfords

DAB radio has got so much better nowadays, especially in the car. I remember the signal on my husbands old window mounted DAB from the noughties used to break up when we went into town and defeated the whole object, but nowadays signal strength has improved immensely with so many great channels to choose from depending on your location. You will need a DAB aerial for your receiver and there's two options, either the screen mounted or the magnetic roof mounted antenna. If you go through numerous windscreens on the motorway like I do, I'd recommend the roof mounted choice.

Kultur ab dem 16.9. auf DAB+

From 16 September, Germany radio is receiving culture in modern broadcasting standard DAB +. By switching, more efficient audio coding and better sound quality can be achieved at a lower data rate.

Finance radio station to launch on DAB

A new radio station all about finance is launching on DAB in London this autumn. Share Radio will be dedicated to providing information on handling money and investments, and will primarily talk-based. It says it will have programmes to inform and empower listeners with the information they need to help them make better financial decisions. The station will be available online and DAB in London from Westminster but no launch date has been set.

EmiTel selects DAB+ Multiplexers VDL for Polish Radio Digital Radio Roll-Out

Following recent long-term, trials EmiTel (Warszawa, Poland) has chosen VDL (Lyon, France) Multiplexing equipment for Polskie Radio (Warszawa, Poland) DAB+ digital radio network roll out across the major cities in Poland. Digital radio in Poland will increase coverage in another six cities. As a result, Polskie Radio programmes should be available in digital form to 30% of Poles by the end of the year.

Somerset DAB change approved

The local DAB multiplex has been given permission to launch later this month on VHF Block 10B, instead of Block 10D, where it will broadcast five local stations, including BBC Somerset, Capital FM, Heart Somerset, Smooth Radio and a new service from Triple Hits.

Kia joins the “DAB as standard” family

The Kia Soul has been launched with digital radio as standard and the company says other Kia models will be upgraded as soon as possible within the product life-cycle. The Kia Sportage, the brand’s best-selling car in the UK, will get digital radio when the all-new version is launched this year. The news was announced by the Korean Hyundai Kia Automotive Group at the international IBC conference in Amsterdam today.

Asian Sound coming to Bradford and Huddersfield DAB

Asian Sound Radio will join the line-up of DAB digital radio stations in parts of West Yorkshire from 1st October 2014. Ofcom has published its approval of an application to add the station to the Bradford and Huddersfield DAB multiplex. The application confirms that the station will be available in mono at 64kbps.

DAB + and FM switch-off: “There is no turning back”

The competition between FM and DAB + should not be determined by "dictatorship", Helmut Markwort called on the German Radio Award. Rather, the listener should decide how they want to receive radio. He expressed himself clearly against the plans of some German radio makers who see in 2025 the end of the classical FM radio. Germany Radio-director Willi Steul is one of those who are behind this date. "The medium of radio will lose in the long term if we do not digitise it," said the 63-year-old in an interview with RADIO SCENE.

French independent radios make appeal to newly appointed Minister of Culture and Communication

Independent Radios (Les Indés Radios) used an advertisement to draw the Minister's attention to the issues of digital radio, a fair allocation of FM frequencies, and anti-competition law.

Germany an important market for the future successes of digital radio in Europe

WorldDMB President Patrick Hannon talks about the importance of the German market for the introduction of digital radio in Europe and the world. "Germany is key to the success of digital radio in Europe. Digital radio is well established in UK, Norway, Denmark and Switzerland – and with the national launches of DAB+ in Germany (2011) and the Netherlands (2013), European momentum is clearly building. New markets such as Italy, France, Poland and Sweden are now taking their first steps – and are monitoring closely the development of digital radio in Germany to see whether DAB+ will be the primary future platform for radio in Europe."