Swiss radio stations may stop broadcasting on FM

Swiss regulators are giving commercial broadcasters there the option to cease FM transmissions next year, should they be interested in doing so, as long as their DAB+ coverage area is the same as their FM coverage area.

Driving the Digital Radio Revolution

On Wednesday 12th November a future DAB technology event took place at MediaCityUK. Delegates from Motoring Magazines, Absolute Radio, University of Salford, BBC Radio Manchester, BBC 6 Music, Musicians, Motoring enthusiasts and press were all present.

Why digital terrestrial radio must be created

"The proposed digital terrestrial radio has yet been passed by the parliament, and greatly contributes to the freedom of expression by allowing a greater number of frequencies." says Valere Corréard, CEO of Media Department of the SOS Group Why not launch RNT faster? Why is RNT the subject of so much hesitation? And why will she inevitably win?

Why digital radio needs to see the light of day

Terrestrial digital radio is an issue that will not go away. It was agreed upon by Parliament, that digital radio would contribute significantly to freedom of expression by permitting a greater number of frequencies.

Frontier Silicon powers 100% of What Hi-Fi? best-buy DAB digital radios

What Hi-Fi? has announced its 2014 list of the best DAB radios to buy this Christmas – and all of the selected models are based on Frontier Silicon technology. The devices, from manufacturers Arcam, Geneva, Philips, Pure, Roberts, Revo and Ruark, include portable, handheld and desktop digital radios, hi-fi tuners and in-car DAB radios. Prices range from under £50 up to £600.

President of the CSA (French regulator), Patrice GÉLINET, promises to relaunch digital radio

President of the CSA, Patrice Gélinet, addressed the reasons used by the larger radio stations for not going digital: "…four radio stations are already paying dual transmission costs, FM and long wave, at a price significantly higher than via DAB+, and for a poor quality of signal. Radio France spends €6m for its long wave transmissions, which would cost three times less via DAB+”.

Best DAB digital radios to buy in 2014

For those who prefer to listen to, rather than watch their entertainment, a DAB digital radio is the ideal companion. A whole host of stations are available to stream with high-quality audio. We take a look at the best models on offer in 2014. If you fancy a new digital radio, there's a baffling selection to choose from. To make it easier to pick the right model, we've gone through our digital radio reviews and picked out the best DAB radios to buy in 2014.

3 million a week listen to digital radio

Three million people are now listening to DAB digital radio in the five metropolitan capitals each week, according to GfK survey 7 figures released by Commercial Radio Australia. DAB+ figures show listening and sales of digital radios continue to outperform expectations. There are now over 23% of people in the five state capitals where DAB+ is available, listening on a DAB+ digital radio device.

Norway Studies Suitable Switchover Strategy

“It is up to the Ministry of Culture to assess these requirements, but we are very optimistic as there are strong indications on fulfilment of all criteria,” said Ole JørgenTorvmark of Digitalradio Norge as he revealed the latest listening figures for Norway at the 20th WorldDMB General Assembly in Rome.

This evolution will not be televised – it will be broadcast on the radio. But how?

Digital radio industry experts convened at a Cambridge Wireless (CW) event at Aon UK in London to discuss the future of radio broadcast. While the process of television digital switchover is now complete, radio has not reached the same point, even though it was first launched nearly 20 years ago.