Peugeot 108 review

Car includes daytime running lights, air con, steering wheel controls, a DAB radio and Bluetooth.

Switzerland allows full transition to DAB+

From 15 November 2016, all public broadcasters in Switzerland must transition from DAB to DAB+.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe on sale in Australia

This new model comes with a 360 bird’s-eye-view camera, along with active park assist, LED headlights, DAB+ digital radio and satellite navigation.

Paneda providing DAB+ to United Arab Emirates

Paneda has provided a complete DAB+ head-end system to a major media group in United Arab Emirates. The system has recently been turned on and is on-air with 12 DAB+ services. The system provided by Paneda includes multiplexers, audio encoders as well as content management system and RF monitoring equipment.

Mexico FM will broadcast through DAB in the UK

The commercial radio station Mexico FM will broadcast from July through the DAB+ thanks to network provider MTVNL.

Review: LG Stylus DAB+ the smartphone with digital radio

Great mid-range smartphone at $449 for a 5.7 inch screen with a stylus built in - and Digital Radio for data free radio listening.

Public service broadcasting in China and Hong Kong #RadioAsia

In a Radio Asia conference session about public service broadcasting, a range of speakers discussed the challenges and importance of public sector broadcasting. RTHK Hong Kong, has been developing digital broadcasting on DAB since 2011, and has a mobile app and online services.

LG Stylus DAB+ lands in Australia

Australian’s now have the ability to listen to digital radio directly off of their phones with the release of the LG Stylus DAB+ smartphone. The new phone features a built-in digital radio that provides access to 30 free digital-only radio stations.

DAB+ Transmitters Added in Italy and Germany

Club DAB Itali had has turned on the first DAB+ mux for the Italian city of Cagliari. n the German city of Cologne, the network operator MEDA BROADCAST, on April 28, turned on a new multiplex transmitter at Herscheid

DAB+ radio phone now available in the UK

The smartphone was unveiled at the Radiodays Europe event in Paris and has built in Radioplayer technology to automatically switch between DAB and Internet streaming – aka hybrid radio. It costs £219.99 to buy, or free with a £19 a month contract.