Report says DAB+ requires FM shutdown to succeed

“Without the success of DAB there will be no FM shutdown; conversely, without a definite FM shutdown date, there can be no success for DAB.” That is the basic conclusion of a new report on DAB and FM in Switzerland.

Pure unveil Evoke D2 and D4 Mio digital radios

Pure has announced the launch of its new Evoke D2 and D4 Mio range of digital radios, and we're looking for that reputation for superb products to continue with these two models.

Local radio industry create new trade association to facilitate digital radio transition

A new association has been created to help local radio in the transition phase from FM to digital radio .

IBC Everywhere in Amsterdam

IBC2014 events of special interest for radio broadcasters include the WorldDMB “Industry Insight Session” entitled “A secure future for in-car digital broadcast radio — How to keep your content prominent and relevant in the digital dashboard.” The session will be held on Monday, Sept. 15, from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

DAB car radio adaptor reviews & group test

Which set-up is best for converting your car radio to work with digital broadcasts? By converting to a DAB car radio, you're covered for future developments in radio technology as the Government plans, but continues to delay, an analogue turn-off. Plus, switch now and you can benefit from a wealth of extra stations, as well as superior sound quality.

Pure announce new Evoke Mio digital DAB radios

Today, Pure announced its Evoke D2 and D4 Mio range of digital radios. As with all of Pure's current range of digital radios, both models are Digital Tick approved, meaning they are ready for a Digital Radio switchover, ensuring they are future proofed.

DAB+ Progressing in Germany, Bauer Says

German website recently interviewed Gerd Bauer, director of the State Media Authority Saarland. Bauer was asked various questions about the DAB+ standard’s progress, and he expressed confidence that things were moving in a positive direction. Currently, 75% of the German population has been reached by the existing multiplexes, and 90 transmitter stations are planned to be in use by 2016.

Is DAB+ without FM a possibility in Germany?

To help DAB+ breakthrough, there should be a deadline for switch off of analogue FM radio. This is the result of a recent market study. By setting an appropriate deadline DAB-Plus receiver would probably find millions of dissemination within the shortest possible time.

Will the DAB radio survive the internet age?

The true home of radio in the modern day is in vehicles, where 33m people listen per week. Over 60 per cent of cars still don’t have DAB radios fitted as standard, another key reason why they are yet to become the mainstream option. But change looks to be on the horizon in this department as major car companies such as Volkswagen have announced they will now fit all new cars with DAB radios.

Triple MuxCo applies for Somerset frequency change

Triple MuxCo Somerset has applied for a change of frequency for its forthcoming DAB digital radio multiplex serving Somerset. Proposed coverage area at launch for Somerset's DAB mux. Under the proposals, the multiplex would be assigned VHF Block 10B instead of 10D from September 2014. Proposed coverage at launch would not be impacted, and as the multiplex isn't yet operational, the change of frequency won't impact listeners retuning.