IBC Everywhere in Amsterdam

IBC2014 events of special interest for radio broadcasters include the WorldDMB “Industry Insight Session” entitled “A secure future for in-car digital broadcast radio — How to keep your content prominent and relevant in the digital dashboard.” The session will be held on Monday, Sept. 15, from 2 to 3:30 p.m.

Australia promotes DAB+ in Billboard promotion

A major outdoor advertising campaign is underway in Australia promoting the uptake of DAB+ digital radio. The commercial radio industry in the country is continuing to drive awareness of digital radio in five cities with DAB+ with the launch of an extensive outdoor billboard and bus side campaign, plus a series of three new Father’s Day radio ads playing on 42 radio stations. Banners promote “25 extra free to air stations and digital sound quality” to help add to the 2.8 million people, or 21.4% of people listening to DAB+ digital radio each week.

Report says DAB+ requires FM shutdown to succeed

“Without the success of DAB there will be no FM shutdown; conversely, without a definite FM shutdown date, there can be no success for DAB.” That is the basic conclusion of a new report on DAB and FM in Switzerland.

Commercial Radio Australia release 2014 Digital Radio Report

Commercial Radio Australia has released the 2014 Digital Radio Report which shows nearly 100,000 new vehicles have been sold with DAB+ digital radio. The commercial radio industry continues to drive awareness of digital radio in the five cities with the launch of an extensive outdoor billboard and bus side campaign, plus a series of three new Father’s Day radio ads playing on 42 metropolitan radio stations.

Pure unveil Evoke D2 and D4 Mio digital radios

Pure has announced the launch of its new Evoke D2 and D4 Mio range of digital radios, and we're looking for that reputation for superb products to continue with these two models.

Pure launches new DAB range of style radios

Pure, today introduces the Pop family, a revolutionary style of digital radio ‘designed for the listener’. The Pop range is designed to reinvent radio and is based on insights from extensive research with radio listeners. Its key design elements are derived from a study into how people want to use and interact with their radios. The result is a trio of products, Pop Mini, Pop Midi and Pop Maxi, with instant access and ease of use at the forefront of its design, while delivering high quality audio.

20th WorldDMB General Assembly Goes to Rome

Nominations are open for the WorldDMB Award for Outstanding Service, which is presented annually to an individual known for efforts in the promotion and rollout of DAB in memory of Per Erik Selemark. Glyn Jones of Arqiva was the winner in 2013.

Norway broadcasters propose a region by region digital radio roll-out

When the digital terrestrial television was introduced a few years ago, the old analogue network was shut down county by county as development progressed. Now broadcasters want a similar arrangement for the transition from FM to digital radio. The main reason for a county by county quenching is to ensure good access to DAB sets, especially the car charger and capacity of the installation of these. This could become a problem if the country were to be extinguished at once, says Ole Jørgen Peat Mark, general manager of the Digital radio Norway.

Polish Radio announces further digitisation plans

Digital radio in Poland will increase coverage and launch new radio stations. The Polish Radio's switch to digital broadcasting is planned in another six cities in October. As a result, digital radio should be available to 30 percent of Poles by the end of the year.

Radio 10 launches second DAB+ station

Radio 10 has launched a new radio station available exclusively through DAB+. Radio 10 Gold will play the greatest hits from 60's and 70's and can be received on channel 11C DAB+ nationwide.