Sony offering free headphones with DAB+ digital radio sales

Sony is giving away a free pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones worth $200 with the purchase of a specific DAB+ digital radio in the lead-up to Mother’s Day. This gift with purchase is part of a wider awareness campaign for the technology that will run across 42 commercial radio stations between now and Sunday 10 May 2015.

Norway to switch of FM in 2017 – UK to follow

Norway has become the first country in the world to announce a closure of FM for national broadcasters. Like the UK, Norway also had a number of criteria to hit to achieve before government would consider switching off. Here are Norway's criteria (from Gunnar Garfors's blog), and how the UK would compare.

Analogue FM broadcast will fail to meet the challenges ahead

The analogue FM broadcast in Germany will definitely not be able to meet the challenges ahead. Making radio future-proof therefore means making its provision a part of the hybrid approach combining terrestrial DAB+ broadcast with the mobile radio, especially its smartphone devices. These are the main messages of the Parliamentary State Secretary Dorothee Baer from the German Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) stated during an important and well-attended event carried out in Berlin on 16 April.

Norway spells death of FM; to complete shutdown in 2017

Norway is one step closer to fully drawing down the curtains on its national FM channels by moving to digital radio and the transition from the old to the modern will complete in the next two years.

DAB+ has Mother’s Day wrapped

Commercial Radio Australia have again partnered with Sony with a bonus offer for swinging a DAB+ radio for your mum. The DAB+ Mother’s Day campaign will run until May 10 and was produced by Ralph van Dijk’s agency Eardrum.

Radio digitisation happens in 2017

The Government has concluded digitisation of radio in 2017. The Norweigan Government followed up the Storting's decision to digitise the radio sector, as the criteria for the technology shift has been fulfilled.

Norway will lead the effort to switch off FM radio

Some countries are already stepping up their transition to digital radio, but Norway thinks it can one up them all. The nation's Ministry of Culture has revealed plans to switch off FM radio across the country in 2017, making it the first country to scrap conventional broadcasts.

National Audit Report: It feels like the Soviet Union in the 50′s

Staffan Rosell, president of Discovery SBS Radio is the largest player in the commercial radio market, is very surprised at the Swedish National Audit conclusions. "The National Audit takes the side of digital opponents... One gets the feeling that they only received information from one side of the debate" he said to Dagens Media.

Ofcom trials ‘affordable DAB’ tech for smaller radio stations

Each trial will allow new digital radio services to broadcast to a local area and will help explore how groups of radio stations can work together. The trials will also inform Ofcom's work on identifying suitable frequencies for broadcasting smaller digital stations and help understand how these services could be licensed.

Dutch local broadcasters hope to start DAB+ trials

The Organisation of Local Broadcasters in the Netherlands (OLON) is studying the possibility of its own pilot DAB+ test. OLON wants to use Band III, as do the national and regional DAB+ networks. However, before any pilot test programs start, local broadcasters must decide whether or not the addition of these new networks is financially feasible.