Italy announces DAB+ licencing plan covering all of Italy

Italian regulator AGCOM announced on 29 July 2015 a licencing plan covering all of Italy, and has already called for applications in 8 specific areas, covering a further 8.35m of the Italian population.

First small scale DAB starts in Brighton

Small scale digital radio took to the air in Brighton this morning with the UK’s first local DAB multiplex.

Italy kicks off it’s DAB+ Summer campaign's communication activities continue with a new campaign during August, and will run until autumn, with further campaigns. The new campaign will feature on national and local commercial radio stations, reaching more than 23 million listeners and will be supported by online promotions, and print advertising.

RAI to add programmes to it’s DAB+ network

Italian public broadcaster RAI is adding three new programs to its DAB+ lineup. The complete DAB+ lineup will now feature 10 stations; existing programs are Radio 1, Radio 2, Radio 3, the news station GPRD, and the traffic service Isoradio.

Market power stifling digital radio

In an interview with the the daily newspaper "Der Standard" the President of Bavarian regulator BLM - Siegfried Schneider- clearly sets out his position on digital radio. To Austrian broadcasters, it may sound revolutionary to propose that the public service broadcaster should, through attractive and innovative programming, be the front runner in driving digital radio. He encourages collaboration between public and private broadcasters on transmitter networks.

Government distributes over 30 free DAB+ channels

The Ministry of Economic Affairs have issued licences for 34 regional DAB+ channels across the South, North and South West of the Netherlands. The distribution will start from August 10. Licences are for a period of two years.

A new radio landscape with DAB+

Replying to the regulator on the recent DAB+ consultation launched by the CSA, the President of French radio station Fréquence Plus, Anthony Eustache, calls for an increased offer of FM frequencies to smaller broadcasters, to ensure their ability to finance participation on national DAB+ multiplexes, and guarantee a sustainable launch of DAB+ by players invested in its success.

Ford Mondeo Zetec with DAB radio

The Zetec trim has some handy equipment as standard; power foldable door mirrors, automatic climate control and DAB radio are all thrown in. Also equipped is a leather wrapped steering wheel, cruise control with a speed limiter and 16-inch alloy wheels.

Emma Bridgewater-designed View Quest Hepburn DAB/FM radios

Nothing vintage about the radio itself. That has dual speakers, DAB and FM reception, Bluetooth streaming, USB connectivity, dual alarms, LCD display and the ability to control wirelessly via an app. Pretty much everything you need on a modern-day radio.

DAB+ unstoppable!

"Since the launch of DAB+ on August 2, digital radio has developed positively to the 'point of no return' said Willi Schreiner, Managing Director of Digital Radio Deutschland GmbH. Today around 92% of the German population are able to receive DAB via at least one multiplex.