Ofcom publish annual digital progress report

Latest Ofcom report on digital radio reports DAB as the most popular platform for digital listing in the UK accounting for 66% of digital listening in Q3 2015.

Industry workers can now listen to DAB+ in noisy environments

Good news for those who work in noisy environments Sahaga releases Norway's first PPE certified hearing protection with DAB+, FM and AUX in. Pop@work allows you to listen to all the new digital radio channels on DAB+ and is in accordance with the European standards EN 352-1: 2002 and EN 352-8: 2008 and fulfills the requirements of PPE-directive 89/686/EEC.

CSA remains committed to DAB+

At today’s SNRL annual General Assembly, CSA Advisor Patrice Gélinet called for a speedy deployment of DAB+ across France and insisted on the need to convince the Bereau de la Radio to move forward. “Arguments on the cost are no longer valid because DAB+ is much less than FM, not to mention AM…” A timetable will be published by the end of 2015, “We plan a launch around 2016. I cannot give a specific date, but I will fight for a launch for calls in early 2016” said Gélinet.

WorldDAB: Keep Band III for Radio

In a statement from the organization, WorldDAB President Patrick Hannon said that with the DAB/DAB+ standard (which presently uses Band III) expanding in various countries, it would be impractical to move free-to-air DTT services out of bands IV and V into band III (due to the growing demands for this spectrum from mobile services).

Norkring expands DAB+ network in Flanders

Norkring announced the expansion of the DAB+ network in Flanders. The digital radio service is already available in Brussels and will be expanded to Genk (Limburg), Egem (West and East Flanders) and Schoten (Antwerp). In 2017, the network should cover all of Flanders.

Tivoli Audio gaat verder met de ‘Digital Radio Tour’

Tivoli Audio will this weekend continue with its Digital Radio Tour, sharing knowledge of DAB+ with consumers. There is still much uncertainty among consumers about the benefits and advantages of DAB+ and therein the Tivoli Audio Digital Radio Tour provides them like a helping hand.

Panasonic Recognizes NXP as “Best Partner” for Car Infotainment Innovation

NXP Semiconductor N.V., global technology leader in secure connected cars and car infotainment solutions, received the “Best Partner” award from Panasonic Corporation. NXP’s multi-standard hardware platform eliminates the need for its customers to spend valuable resources to develop distinct radio architectures for DAB in Europe.

TV in VHF Band III would be a disaster for digital radio

...some observers point out that television allocation could be moved to VHF Band III if more UHF spectrum is allocated to mobile operators. Were this to happen, it would be a disaster for digital radio. Spectrum allocated to DAB services after RRC-06 is already used in many European and Asian countries for DAB services.

DAB+ Moves Forward in Tuscany

The Italian association of local TV and radio broadcasters, Aeranti-Corallo has announced the establishment of two new network operators (Toscana DAB and Radio Digitale Toscana) to boost the dissemination of DAB+ in Florence, Pistoia, Prato, Arezzo and Siena.

Norkring Belgium expands its DAB + network

Norkring Belgium will be expanding its DAB+ network in conjunction with eight commercial radio stations. Next Spring, Norkring will broadcast in DAB+ from Genk (Limburg) Egem (East and West Flanders) and Schoten (Antwerp).