RTÉ to end longwave broadcasts on 252 kHz as it pushes listeners to FM and digital radio

RTÉ Radio 1 is to stop transmitting its 252 longwave service from the end of next month as it pushes listeners to FM and digital radio instead. Tom McGuire, Head of RTÉ Radio 1 said: “This development is an opportunity for the listener to tune in to the varied output of RTÉ Radio 1 in a new way. The availability of the radio service through new digital platforms provides a much improved sound quality and broader access for all programmes. Just as the audience migrated from medium wave to FM in the past, the end of longwave is compensated for by the availability of RTÉ Radio 1 on various digital platforms through the television in your home, the phone in your pocket, the tablet on your lap or the digital radio in your region.”

Frontier Silicon to showcase DAB/DAB+ radio solutions at HKEF

Frontier Silicon, the market leader in DAB/DAB+ radio and connected audio solutions technology will be showcasing their latest technologies at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. The Frontier Silicon invite visitors to their demonstration room which will allow visitors to experience the next generation advanced DAB/DAB+ solutions.

Two new DAB+ stations launch in France

Oüi Collector and Radio Life are the latest DAB+ stations to launch in France. Oüi Collector will offer rock, pop, disco, funk, reggae of French and International variety while Radio Life will be aimed at an adult audience, broadcasting international news, national politics, culture and sports.

Digital radio delays put pressure on Band III

“Digital radio is now growing rapidly in many European countries and needs the frequencies in Band III to expand in other countries. It is crucial that regulators understand that Band III cannot compensate for a reduction of UHF spectrum available for DTT." the organisation said in a statement.

SNRL asks the CSA and government to make a move on RNT

While nearly 20% of the population is covered by a DAB+ signal, the silence of the Conseil Supérieur de l'Audiovisuel (CSA) and the government on the matter has become deafening, according to the Syndicat National des Radios Libres (SNRL).

Receiving DAB+ on the go

Especially on longer trips, the car radio has always been a faithful companion. It adds variety, entertainment, and traffic updates. We wanted to know whether and how well DAB+ can replace FM radio today. For our test, we have the distance from our office in Osttirol Austria via Munich, Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Wiesbaden to Cologne.

What is the Digital Tick and is your radio defunct if you don’t have one?

The Digital Tick is just a government marking that manufacturers can apply for before selling their radios in future. It allows people to see, at a glance, that a new radio will be future-proof. But that doesn't mean your current radio won't work after the shut-off. As long as your radio has DAB it will be able to receive digital radio channels. If your radio is FM-only though it will only be able to receive whatever is left in the FM bandwidth - which is currently thought to be local community radio.

Roberts vintage-style Revival Mini DAB/FM radio is a John Lewis exclusive

As you might have guessed, this is a smaller take on the iconic Roberts Revival, with the compact box offering DAB and FM reception, an LCD screen, a gold-plated stereo line in socket and battery power. Not to mention those wonderful vintage looks.

Phoenix gets more time to launch third DAB channel

Hong Kong’s media regulator has extended the deadline for Phoenix U Radio to launch its third DAB channel. The Communications Authority has set a new date of September 19 2015, the second time the launch has been deferred.

Somerset radio listeners switch on to 5 local radio stations on DAB digital radio

Jeremy Browne, MP for Taunton Deane and Dave Durdan, Mayor of Taunton Deane officially switched on new DAB digital radio transmitters at the Somerset County Cricket Club Ground in Taunton, giving over 500,000 listeners new local stations on DAB in the Somerset area. The switch-on means listeners will be able to receive 5 local radio stations - BBC Somerset, Heart, Capital, Smooth Radio and Triple Hits for the first time on DAB digital radio.